Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Anniversary: Paper

We just got home from visiting my friend, Kacee, in Houston. Her first anniversary was in September. Way back then I made her cards she could send out to people. I'm a slacker and never sent them to her in the mail. Now that she has finally seen them, you can too!
 Most all of my supplies were items I already had in my collection of scrapbook stuff. "R" is their monogram...but I'm sure you already figured that out for yourself. :)

 I made a girl and boy baby card because our friends are all starting to have babies. This way she has a quick card on hand to give them.
 She can write the baby name in the little green box.
 The silver and white (her wedding colors) card went on top. Then, I wrapped it all up in a big white bow. The tag attached has the song from her first dance on it.
This was such a fun anniversary gift to make. Traditional second wedding anniversary gifts are cotton. That one shouldn't be too hard. I'm just worried about the third year: leather. Hmm...

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  1. What a great gift! You are such a good friend! My son and his wife are blessed by you repeatedly!