Wednesday, January 5, 2011


When I was in college my mom bought these two beautiful chairs. The only problem is their fabric. It's just not me. Well, when we moved into our house she gave them to us. They have the perfect spot in our living room.  Now we are on a mission to find fabric to make slipcovers for them.

 The coral fabric is something I ran across a couple years ago. I HAD to have it in my house. I've decided I want lumbar pillows in the coral fabric for these chairs. Here are some of the choices we've pulled out:
 Fabric #1 (this is a closeup of the fabric in the first pic)
 Fabric #2 I'm not sure about this one because it doesn't have the red at all. What if it had red cording?
 Fabric #3
 Fabric #4 Again, no red.
Fabric # 5 This one is so traditional with its stripes and I kinda want something funky. Plus it has a lot of sheen...

Well, what do you think???? Help me!


  1. 1 is really pretty! But I really like 2 with cording also! Is that even a correct phrase? Cording haha

  2. love 1 and 3 but all are cute so you can't go wrong!

  3. #3!

    Great fabric contrast and just the right amount of red!

  4. I'm with Courtney - I like number 3. The solid aqua doesn't feel right for a chair - you'd see EVERYTHING that might happen to it...

    The cording sounds like a cool idea - have you thought about doing aqua cording on the pillows and red/coral cording on the chair? If you did that, the two pieces would have that detail in common (even thought the colors are different).

    Another thought - I'm assuming a lumbar pillow is shaped like a log, right? It might be interesting to investigate, in addition to the lumbar, doing a square/rectangle pillow with the coral fabric as an inset with an aqua border around the edge as a way of bringing the pieces together. Kind of like a picture in a frame? A pillow of that kind might make the coral fabric go further (if that's even an issue).

    Such cool possibilities - I have to get you to make some suggestions at my house!

  5. My vote is hands down fabric #1! I LOVE love love it!

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

  6. I see your taste is as fine as your momma's, yet your own. Here is my suggestion on the upholstery. Cover back & seat in solid acqua. make lumbar pillow with red coral fabric and add cording w/ fabric #3 or #4. While acqua is not technically neutral, you make it so by pairing it w/ wild pillow. If you tire of it, then you can add a blk & white pillow, or purple or whatever moves you at the time. If you wanna be even trendier, cover the back panel of the back of your chair in the coral fabric. Trust me, this would work.

  7. and speaking of color test, didn't work for me. Labeled me a blue person and while I don't hate it, blue is what I use the least. RED's the word!