Friday, January 21, 2011

Soccer Moms

One of our baseball moms made a super cute necklace of the team's symbol. I think hers was made from a little square glass tile. I decided I needed some for the soccer moms! My plan was a little disc with the soccer team's crest and a metal disc with the player's number stamped into it. First step: steel stamps. I ordered mine at Sears ($5!). I was all excited and Erik was like, "What are these things for?" Duh! Stamping metal discs to put on necklaces! Obvious, right?
 My next step was to figure out how I was gonna turn a little crest printed on paper into a bauble for a necklace. Hobby Lobby had a great sale (50% off) on jewelry stuffs. They had little silver charms with about a cm deep well in them. Perfect! I cut out the crest, laminated it, and put it in the charm. Then I covered it up with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. That stuff is so fun. Just don't get anxious and touch it before it dries...oops! A really long, long, long (over night) time later....TA DA!
 That isn't my neck. I'm too pale. The flash reflects off of me. So lame. Anyway...
My camera needs to be replaced. I couldn't get a good pic of my numbers stamped into the disc because of the giant reflections of the flash. Here it is:
In case you can't tell, they turned out super cute. They don't scream "I'M A SOCCER MOM!!" But they're still supportive of the babies on the field.
p.s. The girls won 10-0 tonight! Go Lady Raiders!


  1. Where did you get the metal discs? I can't find those. You did a great job!

  2. I found my metal discs at Hobby Lobby.