Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Yard

Well, so far we've only put in plants that will make up the "wall" of our garden in the back.

The bigger tree is a Shumard Oak. To the right of it, you can kinda see a baby tree with purple leaves. That one is our second attempt at a Forest Pansy Redbud.
We've also added some shrubs. Starting on the left: Saucer Magnolia,Knockout Roses (3) Possumhaw Holly, Yaupon Holly, another Possumhaw Holly (you can't really see it in the pic) and a Dwarf Crape Myrtle.
On the side of the yard that is up against the house, we have a Japanese Maple and a Nikko Blue Hydrangea. The hydrangea is my favorite. Look at that color! The trees and shrubs show more color in the fall/winter. These blooms can be clipped and put inside already!

It seems like it is taking forever and we don't have much. This is the left side of the backyard. We also added two butterfly bushes over there, but I don't have pics. On the right side of the backyard, we have a Lacebark Elm. It's growing pretty nicely (all by its lonesome).

Stepping Stones

 For my grandma's birthday this year, Aunt Leigh Ann had a great idea. She decided we should all make personalized stepping stones for Grandma's garden. Lynn and I may be the only cousins over 10 years old who made ours (most of the cousins are boys). It was fun and easy! I know you've probably all seen these..but just in case. ;)
I used a kit from HobLob to make mine. It came with cement mix, a form, broken up colored glass and a mixing stick. The scrabble letters were already in my craft/junk closet.

You just mix the cement mix with water until it's like uncooked brownie mix. Then pour it into the form and *attempt* to smooth out.

After that, you just stick in any pieces you would like. You have about 30 minutes to work (depending on temp outside).

A family I know has a grandma who has put her grandkids' handprints in a stepping stone each year around their birthday. It's also just a great craft to do with kids on a summer afternoon. I'm thinking next time I'll throw in some shells and maybe add color to my cement mix.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family Recognition

Erik and I have a two sweet nephews. Unfortunately, we live states away from the little guys. The elder is nearly two. We took him to the zoo and played all day during our visit. He is soo much fun!  My sister-in-law's sister lives out of state too. This week when I got home I went on Shutterfly and made him a picture book of his family! I had it sent directly to his house, so I can't show you a pic when it is finished. Each page has a pic of a different family member and their name: "Grandma T, Uncle Erik, Mommy..." Hopefully it'll help him recognize everybody.

Just thought I'd share the idea. I'm guessing I'm not the only aunt with little ones outta state. :) 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mavericks Watchin' Food

I know this happened a week ago. According to Erik, this was "his year." The Packers won the Super Bowl and the Mavericks won the NBA Playoffs. Is it just me or should "his year" have been when he was lucky enough to marry me? ;)

All that is sort of besides the point.
During the playoffs, we had some people over to watch the game. While on the hunt for good "man food," I found the website salad in a jar...or how to eat dessert without dieting. Who would think I'd find a good meaty recipe there? I did!

Super simple. Here it is:

You need a lb of boneless, skinless chicken breast. Cut each in half and pound 'em out.

 Get some bacon. "Man food," right?
 Chop up and seed a jalapeno pepper.
Pull out the good ol' cream cheese (look: we can make Paula Deen proud too!).
 Once you have all your supplies together, lay out a strip of bacon. Put one of your flattened chicken breast halves onto the bacon. Add a teaspoon of cream cheese, or more. Your jalapeno goes in with the cream cheese (the amount per chicken really depends on your heat tolerance). Then you roll it all up and stick a wet toothpick in it.

Once you've got that ready, you can pop 'em on the grill. I have no "final product" pics! I'm thinking as soon as they came in off the grill we started tasting. Plus, those Mavericks vs. Heat games were intense...but we WON!