Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Decor

I was looking for a way to have some winter decor without being Christmas-y. I love this poem:  To Winter by Claude McKay. It made me think of the images I love in winter. Red is the accent color in my living room. I decided to take winter pictures around our neighborhood with red in them. In my shadowbox I put the poem and a clipping of one of our holly bushes.

To Winter

Stay, season of calm love and soulful snows!

There is a subtle sweetness in the sun,

The ripples on the stream's breast gaily run,

The wind more boisterously by me blows,

And each succeeding day now longer grows.

The birds a gladder music have begun,

The squirrel, full of mischief and of fun,

From maples' topmost branch the brown twig throws.

I read these pregnant signs, know what they mean:

I know that thou art making ready to go.

Oh stay! I fled a land where fields are green

Always, and palms wave gently to and fro,

And winds are balmy, blue brooks ever sheen,

To ease my heart of its impassioned woe.

(Oh, he's from Jamaica if you were wondering what "land" he left)
 Then I put each picture in a frame in the hallway off my living room. The red is perfect. These frames are the only thing on that wall and would be super boring if the pics were just of snow.

My neighbors read my mind and put a cute little red scarf around their snowman!
 The picnic table is my favorite. Last summer Erik and I had this picnic table made and painted it barn red. I love the way it looks with the snow and sun on it. Although I'm not so sure how good that is for our paint job...
Speaking of color.... I saw a color quiz on Better Homes and Garden's website yesterday.
Here's the link to find out your color personality:



  1. Hi Katie,
    I am a Katie too and I love your ideas! It is exactly what I would love to do, keep this beautifully season around for just a little longer. You have found the perfect way to do just that and I love you stories you have of some of the photos. Very creative!
    The poem is wonderful and I may need to carry it around with me as a reminder. Thanks for knowing my heart and giving me a perfectly wonderful lunch break!
    ~ Katie

  2. hi, I just signed up to follow your blog. Saw you on the CSI site. I also entered some winter photos. love yours. Love the poem, too.

  3. Kathleen, I think you must have some photography gene... I like the snow-covered picnic table, and you are right, the snow against the barn red is a great contrast...