Monday, January 31, 2011


We live in a cookie cutter. The builder's model had an option to turn the "study" into a fourth bedroom. For resale purposes, we chose that option. We are still planning on using it as a secondary tv/family room. Here is what it looks like now:
 The floral loveseat and brown recliner are hand-me-downs from the in-laws. I can't even remember how long ago my mom put that set of bookshelves in my bedroom when I was younger.
 Here's what I'm dreaming of:
 I love this color scheme! I already kind of having it going in our office. Turquoise/bluish green looks awesome paired with that bright orange! Obviously mine won't be able to have such modern lines. I plan on recovering the loveseat in that beautiful turquoise color. All my office accessories are already orange so those will fit perfect. Then we will abandon the recliner and put in a cute chair in a patterned fabric with the two colors together. Isn't that tassel trim on the curtains adorable?
I know my mom just did a BIG eyeroll. I'm still yet to order my fabric for the living room chairs (the one I picked seems too blue and maybe I want something with more green...). The coral fabric for living room pillows is still waiting in my closet. I always have "an idea" of what I want, but can't seem to make real choices. Poor Mom has been on too many fabric store trips to count trying to help me find the PERFECT fabrics. I love you, Mom (sorry I'm a pain)!

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  1. This will be beautiful. I love the color combination!