Sunday, January 30, 2011

Container Store Trip

This is just plain embarassing:
 My office closet was a hot mess! Look at that disaster! I had just these four dinky drawers to store all my craft stuff in and things were getting out of hand. Why is the toolbox in this closet (see how I'm trying to push this off on Erik)? I couldn't even get to my file box to file bills, etc.
So, I of course needed a trip to the Container Store. That place just makes me feel like order is possible. I grabbed a mesh shoe hanger. These things are awesome. I had one in my classroom (no more...our cabinets in the new wing are tiny) to hold all the miscellaneous supplies that just seem to get lost in a drawer.
 It feels so much better with all my supplies divided up in the shoe hanger. I can see everything. I think that's how my messes get started: I'm digging for one thing and everything else has to come out. Ahh! Much better. This definitely isn't the most attractive storage you've ever seen, but it works.
Here's my other buy from my trip: a jewelery organizer. That just looks pretty (trust me...even though all the pics I took of it turned out blurry). I forgot I had the first pair of earrings on the bottom right! Obviously I'm going to need another one of these puppies. 

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  1. Katie...I HAVE the Containter Store organization shelves....metal....and my room is still a mess. ha!