Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Yard

Well, so far we've only put in plants that will make up the "wall" of our garden in the back.

The bigger tree is a Shumard Oak. To the right of it, you can kinda see a baby tree with purple leaves. That one is our second attempt at a Forest Pansy Redbud.
We've also added some shrubs. Starting on the left: Saucer Magnolia,Knockout Roses (3) Possumhaw Holly, Yaupon Holly, another Possumhaw Holly (you can't really see it in the pic) and a Dwarf Crape Myrtle.
On the side of the yard that is up against the house, we have a Japanese Maple and a Nikko Blue Hydrangea. The hydrangea is my favorite. Look at that color! The trees and shrubs show more color in the fall/winter. These blooms can be clipped and put inside already!

It seems like it is taking forever and we don't have much. This is the left side of the backyard. We also added two butterfly bushes over there, but I don't have pics. On the right side of the backyard, we have a Lacebark Elm. It's growing pretty nicely (all by its lonesome).

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