Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dining Room Progress

We have a pretty little dining room. It only has room for a table really. We NEEDED to do something with this boring room without adding any furniture. So, we decided to paint. My kitchen backsplash *love* has little greenish/turquoise tiles in it. After getting over my fear of putting a real color in there, we went and got "green trance" from Sherwin Williams.

Erik getting his paint on. I do the details and he's in charge of the roller.
Thankfully, it's pretty subtle. In the morning light, it is nearly invisible (not sure how I feel about that). I'm not too overwhelmed!

 Charlie didn't try helping by walking through the paint this time. You can still see tiny blue paw prints in our bedroom....
 Once the paint was dry, I started working on what kind of display I could put up on the only complete wall. I decided on a mix of things.

I framed this postcard from Madison, Wisconsin. Print of a goofy little painting called "Cows on the Concourse."

                                            Anthro plate from back in my apartment. Perfect for adding a pop of coral.
                                         The cameoes my great grandmother gave to me. Gosh I miss her.
                                           A watercolor called "Spring's Promise" by a student's dad.
                                                     More of grandma's cameoes:
                                               Another coral Anthro plate:
                                              A pastel of a gingko leaf done by my oh-so-talented mommy. :)
                                                         Here it is all together:

Next job: fix that table. We're thinking "tricorn black" legs and a darker stain on top. Ooh..and I have a chandelier picked out on my pinterest. Eventually I'll change the seating around the table.


  1. It looks great! Love the picture grouping. Are you coming here next week?

  2. We are headed down tomorrow through Monday. I'm so excited! I think Bobby and Erik have plans to play tennis (since Kacee and I aren't the best competition...).