Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stepping Stones

 For my grandma's birthday this year, Aunt Leigh Ann had a great idea. She decided we should all make personalized stepping stones for Grandma's garden. Lynn and I may be the only cousins over 10 years old who made ours (most of the cousins are boys). It was fun and easy! I know you've probably all seen these..but just in case. ;)
I used a kit from HobLob to make mine. It came with cement mix, a form, broken up colored glass and a mixing stick. The scrabble letters were already in my craft/junk closet.

You just mix the cement mix with water until it's like uncooked brownie mix. Then pour it into the form and *attempt* to smooth out.

After that, you just stick in any pieces you would like. You have about 30 minutes to work (depending on temp outside).

A family I know has a grandma who has put her grandkids' handprints in a stepping stone each year around their birthday. It's also just a great craft to do with kids on a summer afternoon. I'm thinking next time I'll throw in some shells and maybe add color to my cement mix.

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