Monday, June 20, 2011

Mavericks Watchin' Food

I know this happened a week ago. According to Erik, this was "his year." The Packers won the Super Bowl and the Mavericks won the NBA Playoffs. Is it just me or should "his year" have been when he was lucky enough to marry me? ;)

All that is sort of besides the point.
During the playoffs, we had some people over to watch the game. While on the hunt for good "man food," I found the website salad in a jar...or how to eat dessert without dieting. Who would think I'd find a good meaty recipe there? I did!

Super simple. Here it is:

You need a lb of boneless, skinless chicken breast. Cut each in half and pound 'em out.

 Get some bacon. "Man food," right?
 Chop up and seed a jalapeno pepper.
Pull out the good ol' cream cheese (look: we can make Paula Deen proud too!).
 Once you have all your supplies together, lay out a strip of bacon. Put one of your flattened chicken breast halves onto the bacon. Add a teaspoon of cream cheese, or more. Your jalapeno goes in with the cream cheese (the amount per chicken really depends on your heat tolerance). Then you roll it all up and stick a wet toothpick in it.

Once you've got that ready, you can pop 'em on the grill. I have no "final product" pics! I'm thinking as soon as they came in off the grill we started tasting. Plus, those Mavericks vs. Heat games were intense...but we WON!

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  1. oh yeah thats some man food! going to have to make this one for justin! :)