Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wine Party Wreath

Every year my parents have a "Open That Bottle Night." In the past it's just been a wine tasting party, but this year everyone brought a pairing for their wine. Well anyway, it's a blast and my parents do a great job. This year I though I'd put together a wreath for their party. They've been collecting wine corks for who knows how long...

Mom had them in a beautiful glass container on the counter for awhile, but has apparently gotten tired of that. So, I asked if I could take them and make her a wreath to hang on the door the night of her party. I picked up a wreath form, burlap, and some straight pins.

First, I wrapped the wreath in burlap to hide that darling green foam. Then I stuck pins (pointy side) into the corks. I pushed the flat part of the pin through the burlap and into the wreath form. I wanted it to look more interesting than a bunch of corks glued in the shape of a circle. I stuck them straight out to look similar to a sunburst mirror (well...maybe it just looks like that to me...I'm pretty imaginative :) ).

  After about the fourth row of corks, I couldn't put the corks in straight. They had to go on at an angle ( I did not do this in one sitting. It was too boring to do more than a little bit at a time.) The next two rows I stuck the pin at an angle on the back of the cork and stuck them in my wreath form.
 I made this burlap "vino" strip to go across my wreath. It was better looking in my head. On the wreath it just looked dumb.
So, here is the finished project (on my door, not the parents'):

It looked much lovelier against their beautiful wood door. Can you believe I did all that without pricking myself once with a straight pin? Woohoo!


  1. oh my gosh, i love it, especially with the vino sign. great idea and great result!

  2. Great, great job! I love it.