Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Subway Art

Here goes nothing...I'm going to make my first piece of "Subway Art." I don't have a Cricut or Silhouette (only in my dreams), so I'm going old school.
 First I painted my board white. Afterwards I gathered up leftover alphabet stickers from other projects. I started to spell out the street names on the board using the alphabet stickers. Then I just painted over them in black.
 You can't see it that well (grr to my cruddy camera)....
 One section I painted red. It has the cheesy phrase "my heart" instead of a street name. Once my paint was pretty much dry, I peeled off the stickers using tweezers.
I thought I would be frustrated by the imperfections...but surprisingly I really like that every last letter isn't straight and perfect. This guy is for my sister for Valentine's Day. I put a few street addresses around town and then "my heart" to remind her that no matter where she lives she is always there. Cheesy, huh? It's okay my sister and I are too. :)
Hmm...I sorta want one in our guest bath, over the toilet that says all the different names for potty. That's sorta weird of me, isn't it?

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  1. Did you enter this in a contest? Bc you should!

  2. I love the subway art plaques, too! I need to make one!!!!!!!!!!! Love yours...and yes, you are quite weird...but that's okay.

  3. great idea.....ever think of doing one for your parents..maybe anniversary of all the places they have lived?