Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cardinal to Kitchen Lamp

The lampshade finally came!!! It's finished and ready to share. Well, I didn't take the wrapping off yet...I'm hoping I picked the right shade..I've just gotta look at it for a bit. I do like how fat it looks (if that makes any sense). Hmm.. a little stream of conciousness for ya!

Here's Dad's advice on putting the lamp kit in:
"To drill the wood block, the key is to center the hole, then drill perpendicular to the base, so that the lamp kit tube remains perfectly vertical. This was done using a drill guide and a wood boring bit, just slightly larger diameter than the lamp kit tube. The reason you don't want the hole drilled too much larger is that it must be kept perpendicular to the base of the wood block... too much larger than the tube, and the lamp kit assembly might get loose and angle away from vertical, making the lamp look more like the leaning tower of Pisa..."

The ridiculous weather has finally abated. I was able to run to Dollar Store and grab some frames for my nursery typography art.
Anyone else think I need a new camera? I mean a lot of times with electronics and I, it's a user error. I'm starting to think it's my camera though....

One final note:
Green Bay Packers, please please please win today! My husband is already anxious and we have five hours to go before this game even starts.

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