Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom is a super talented a creative lady. All of the houses we lived in were decorated beautifully. She sews, draws, paints, gardens, and crafts. Plus she is an awesome mom, wife, daughter, sister, and dog grandma. :)
I just thought I'd share a couple photos of her home and some of her art.

This is her antique oyster plate display in the kitchen:
                                       I love this "private" sign on her bathroom door:
                                         This is the vignette on her side of the bed (please ignore my reflection in the nightstand):

Here is another vignette in the living room: 
                               Now for her artwork! She is still learning and doesn't want any of it credited to her. I may be biased, but I think it's pretty incredible.
                                              This painting is from a pic she took in Italy a few years ago:
                                                             Love the clouds:
                                Erik is particularly fond of this one of some kids playing a pick up game of soccer in the park:
  My personal favorite is from a pic of me on the beach as a little girl. It may be hard to tell in the photo here, but the waves look incredible.
 That is just a tiny bit of my mom's creativity. Her kitchen wasn't staged when I was there ( she was making us dinner), so I didn't post a picture of it. I'll have to get it another time. It is beautiful!

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