Friday, October 14, 2011

I hate spiders...but

this guy isn't that scary.

Last year I copied the "eek" in frames from the girls at Eighteen25.

My spider is a black pom-pom made of regular old yarn. I wrapped my yarn around five pipe cleaners. Four were turned into legs (half on each side). The last one has each end put through buttons for eyes.

I can't remember where I saw him. Maybe I picked him up from The Crafting Chicks last year? I tried to look back at their blog but didn't see it. Both sets of ladies: Eighteen25 and The Crafting Chicks, are my go to craft blogs. The sisters at Eighteen25 hold "Spooktacular September" each year and The Crafting Chicks hold "Trick or Tweet."  You should seriously go check them out. :)

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