Friday, August 26, 2011

Mapping Your Travels

My friend Kacee and her hubby, Bobby, are big travelers. This summer they were in Yellowstone. Next summer they have travel plans that take them overseas. Not like I live there or anything, but I think they need some kind of map/record thingy of where they've been together! I'm loving these ideas:

                                                   Image ohdeedoh
                                Personally, I'd add the month and year they went.


                                                                image life blessons
                                          Not sure about the cork...maybe a painted board with the world map?


                                                                      image Design Love Fest
                                               Kinda like this guy, but the world?

                                                     image Pinterest
 Kacee might go for this one! Maps as mats for pictures of her and Bobby different places. Really cute and she LOVES pictures.


  1. Ohhhhhh!!! Love this post! (Bobby is my son for those that don't know!) They will love it... they are in Yellowstone right now...looking for bears!

  2. Did I mention I have their dog while they are gone? He ate one of my favorite plants....well, I did rescue a part...we'll see if it lives. (and if he lives)