Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Princess and The Pea

This is hands down the best recipe Giada de Laurentis has come up with yet! It is delicious!
I have spent the majority of my life HATING peas. Back when I was forced to eat peas by my parents, I would ask my dad to give me a bowl of ones that were still frozen. I thought that way I could taste them less. My whole life I've pretty much been a diva about food. It keeps me from eating a lot of stuff, but also makes it hard for me to choke down "diet" food. I need my Coke to have all the sugar and calories it can hold.
Erik isn't a big pea eater either and he isn't that picky (ask his brothers about the time they told him some dog poo was raisins...). The point is: we both LOVE this dish. I mean literally, we battle for the leftovers. You have to try it.

Find the recipe here.

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