Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anthro-Inspired Sandals

When I saw these beauties in Anthropologie, I fell in love! Then, I saw the price. $98. For some sandals?! I understand paying money for a good pair of shoes...but seriously?

Unfortunately, I couldn't stop thinking how much I needed them. So, I decided to make some of my own.

My supplies:
1/4 yard of blue seersucker from my friendly JoAnn's
1 sheet of felt
2 pins from the HobLob
Needle and thread
Good ol' E6000
Doo-dads from old costume jewelry

a pair of sandals from Old Navy for a much cooler $20!

I put my flowers on pins instead of directly onto the shoes. This way I can put them on a sweater, t-shirt, purse...whatever! The first thing I did was cut out two felt circles about a inch in diameter each. Next, I cut out eight pieces of seersucker (1 1/2" by 4").  To make my seersucker less floppy-for lack of a better word- I starched my strips. I arranged four in an asterisk pattern and put my felt circle on top. I used my needle and thread to sew them onto my pin. Repeat with your other four pieces and felt circle. Once that was super duper secure, I put some E6000 under my felt circle to attach it even more to my seersucker scraps. Finally, I picked out a few doo-dads from my Grandma Irene's costume jewelry. Those were stuck on top with some E6000 as well.
Here's my version of these Anthro's super cute, super expensive sandals:



  1. I saw these at Anthro too and fell in love. I thought about remaking them too. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. I have some shoes in goodwill pile that I am going to take back out and repurpose! Thanks for the idea!

  3. I love them! I think you should make me a pair for Cade's birthday. Yea, I know, don't analyze that statement...just make them!

  4. Incredible! I love these! I have a couple plain pairs of sandals I need to DIY!